“OKG” Culture

From day #1 this was and still is our number 1 culture statement. We are looking for a specific type of softball player. It defines who we are as a group of players and to make sure our players are equally yoked.

Why define a culture? A team culture defines who we are when we are successful, when we fail, and at each step along the way.

Our other culture phrases are important as well to name a few…

“Attack the ball. Attack the next 60′”

“All gas! No Brakes!”

“Somewhere… Some Girl.”

“Pedal to the metal.”

“Be here. Be Now.”

“Champions Do More”

“Happy. Hungry. Humble.”

What you see is what you get. A group of “OKG’s” that win or lose will have the pedal to the metal the whole way. We will attack. We are not scared to make mistakes. We go 100% to create “relentless pressure”.

Our culture is who we are and what we aspire to become.

Are you an OKG?

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